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GreenTex™ wallcovering

GreenTex™ is the innovative and amazing product from Greenhouse that can be used in a wide variety of ways in numerous settings. GreenTex&trade can be printed at any size (the maximum width of a roll is 1500mm but it can be joined to form a graphic of any size), is repositionable up to 100 times, is very tough and enduring, can be reused and leaves no residue when removed.

GreenTex™ Easy to install - easy to remove.

GreenTex from Greenhouse Graphics

GreenTex™ can be self installed because it is both repositionable and also very robust. If you make a mistake you simply remove and try again. Look at the GreenTex™ video. This can be done up to 100 times!

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

As an EMAS accredited company, Greenhouse actively seek to supply products that have a lower environmental impact. Conventional wall coverings are made from PVC whereas GreenTex™ is made from polyestor. In addition, the GreenTex™ innovative adhesive technology means that it can be reused up to 100 times.

Creating more opportunities for you.

GreenTex™ will stick to a wide variety of surfaces including plaster, wood, glass, metal and plastics. More importantly it will leave no residue on the surface it has been attached to when removed. This means that when hosting events at third party venues you can be confident that using GreenTex™ will not leave marks or cause damage to any walls or surfaces.

GreenTex™ from Greenhouse Graphics