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touch Cross-Media

Cross Media Marketing campaigns


Cross Media Marketing campaigns and strategies deliver highly effective communication campaigns that may change the way you think about delivering your communications forever. Based upon sound empirical evidence and using personlised websites cross-media campaigns can deliver a wide range of communication objectives cost effectively.

The four principles of Cross Media Marketing

  • Targeted – delivering highly targeted communications based upon data held by the organisation
  • Personalised – our touch Cross-Media marketing tool has unique capabilities to deliver highly personalised communications
  • Relevant – Improved response rates, supported by the ability of our touch Cross-Media marketing system to deliver individual messages that have relevance to the recipient
  • Measurable – our touch Cross-Media marketing tool has an extensive feedback facility which is available to monitor in real time 24/7. The system allows on-the-fly real time changes to a campaign

The integrated marketing tool

Delivering communications through different channels delivers improved results for the marketer, but integrating these channels can be a challenge. Our touch Cross-Media marketing tool integrates offline with online communications and can deliver communications through print, email, text and mass media channels – all integrated in one tool. touch also integrates with other technologies, such as QR Codes and various social media channels, to deliver a truly integrated cross-media approach.