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Website Design

Your Website as a Marketing Tool


Research by Jupiter Rsearch has shown the actions taken by prospects when they come into contact with an 'offline' advertisement. They found that 66% followed up interest in the advert by going to a URL or using an online search engine to find out more. Only 14% used the telephone as a response to the advert.

The Importance of Good Web Design

It is important that you have clear objectives about what you want from your website. Your design should help you achieve these objectives.

Whether it be SEO, registering interest or making a sale, well thought out design will help to create interest, measure success and achieve your objectives.

The Greenhouse Web Design Team

Greenhouse has been designing and building websites on behalf of it's customers for over ten years. We have a dedicated team, qualified and experienced in web design and development that can help you raise your company profile, help with strategies to improve traffic and time spent by prospects on your site.

More importantly we feel it is important to integrate an organisation's website with other communication channels such as social media, direct mail, email marketing and cross-media marketing.