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Design for iPad

Designing for ipad

design for ipadThe launch of the ipad and other tablet devices has created another opportunity for organisations to display and promoting themselves with prospects. It is anticipated that the use of ipads and other tablets will enjoy significant growth in the coming years, and they are already enjoying success as a flexible and easily transportable communication device.

Whether you are looking to deliver sales literature digitally, to support field sales or produce more engaging and interactive proposals and presentations, we can take existing designs for print and purpose them for Ipad delivery. Designs need not be exclusive for the Ipad medium and can be delivered via multiple channels (print, email, web, ipad).

Different communication mediums have differing strengths and weakness - and the ipad or other tablet are no exception. The challenge for the designer is that it is often the viewer who controls how the elements are viewed. This poses a number of significant problems for the designer who needs to control the look and feel whilst giving control to the reader. At Greenhouse, we can develop dedicated ipad communications that adapt to the requirements of the medium and deliver engaging content. In addition we can adapt existing communications to suit the ipad and other tablet environment.