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Design for Web

Graphic Design for an online experience

design for webA positive and attractive web experience is now seen as a critical component of any organisations' marketing mix. It is estimated that two-thirds of people who view an 'offline' advert will go 'online' (directly to your web site or via a search engine) to find out more.

Designing an effective and engaging website has very different challenges to that posed by design for 'offline' media such as conventional print, adverts and billboards. Technically the site needs to accommodate the challenges posed by different browsers that render the site and appear consistent in them all. A successful site will have a logical navigation system that delivers a prospect to the correct area of a site quickly.


A unique characteristic of web based marketing is its ability to deliver animation and movement. When designed effectively this can improve the prospects perception of the site - and therefore the organisation - as well as act as a key tool for holding the prospects attention and keeping them on the site.


The web environment allows interaction with your customer or prospect, which in turn helps to keep them on your site for longer. An organisation may also choose to implement business processes on their website using 'login' areas or ecommerce facilities.