Digital Marketing Services

With the emergence and growth of the internet, digital marketing has become recognised as having significant potential in helping marketeers achieve organisational objectives.

Digital marketing tools include website development, email marketing, cross media marketing and the use of social media. Their unique potential lies in their ability to develop two way communications that are relevant to the customer by sophisticated personalisation. In addition they offer a high degree of measurability.

From a sustainability perspective, digital marketing offers the marketeer a way of improving resource usage and eliminating unwanted printed junk mail and electronic spam email. Despite its perception, digital marketing does have a carbon footprint. A google search has been estimated to use 15gsm of carbon which equates to boiling a kettle twice (src: Dr Alex Wissner-Gross, Harvard University, 2008).

Email Marketing from Greenhouse

Greenhouse has a number of email marketing solutions.

Our bespoke email campaigns include strategic, creative and technical input to create an effective and measurable result. In addition we offer a number of predefined packages that allow organisations with limited time and technical expertise to create regular email communications with their prospects and customers.

touch Cross-Media Marketing from Greenhouse

Our cross-media marketing systems use a variety of channels, including email, print and SMS to deliver co-ordinated and integrated communication campaigns. Campaigns are targeted, personalised, relevant and measurable and offer the potential of improved response rates over both conventional direct mail and email communications.