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Featured community Interpretation Boards project

Alresford Eel House

New Alresford Town Trust wanted to improve the way they presented this unique piece of local agricultural history to visitors on their regular Open Days. Two volunteers had developed the text for Interpretation Boards and a Visitor Booklet, and had secured funding to enable this text to be presented in a way that would engage visitors’ interest.
They were advised to approach Greenhouse Graphics to design and produce Interpretation Boards and Booklets. An initial telephone call to Emma Sly, Account Manager, immediately reassured the client that the company was sensitive to their requirements, and had the resources available inhouse to deliver the work to a tight schedule, as it needed to be ready for the first Open Day in 2022.
Work proceeded throughout the winter, with frequent and easy communication between client and supplier. When the final products were delivered, comfortably ahead of schedule, the clients gave us this wonderful feedback:
“We are as pleased with the outcome as we could possibly be – they are excellent, and beyond our expectations.
Thank you very much for the work that you and your colleagues have done for us.”
The real test came when the Boards and Booklets were presented to the public on the first Open Day in 2022. Visitors and other volunteers were unanimously positive about the new presentation ‘very clear’, ‘looks strong and durable’, ‘shows that you want to get a good message across well’, and many more.
Visitors to the Open Days are invited to support the restoration project by making a donation. In 2021 the average donation per visitor was about 50p. The average donation on the first Open Day in 2022, with the Interpretation Boards and Visitor Booklets available, was almost 90p. This was attributed very largely as a result of the professionalism of Greenhouse Graphics in designing and producing the visitors’ material.
David Boddy and David Woods
On behalf on New Alresford Town Trust

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