Sustainable Packaging and Printed Boxes

Custom printed packaging and printed gift boxes can personalise your product and promote your brand in a highly creative and cost effective way, at Greenhouse we specialise in producing sustainable quality packaging that is eco-friendly and environmentally responsible – all of which can have a positive impact in expanding your market appeal and brand presence. Your product sales can increase as a result of the growing popularity of your brand owing to your recognised eco-friendly practices and responsibilities.

We can advise on innovative, sustainable alternative materials to the more traditional materials like plastic based substrates and foam, offer short runs on production, with no minimum order requirement – which are a perfect fit for start-ups, market testing, or promotional events, and ensure your product is produced in the UK using our renowned sustainable print practices.

Our team will work closely with you to get to fully understand your brand, what your requirements are, and any technical features the product requires – and with our creative graphic design expertise and sustainable production knowledge, we can produce a complete solution that is  uniquely tailored and designed perfectly to fit your product, that is also achievable and realistic to your budget – and you can order just what you need, saving on waste and production, storage, and shipping costs. Quality printing at a great price.

More than just a pretty box

As a printing company, we strive to keep the process simple and informed, and with all our facilities being under one roof we can be more adaptable to achieve a unique and bespoke product. We can offer more realistic and eco-friendly, creative solutions than a branding agency, and more innovative and sustainable production options than a packaging manufacturer.

If you are looking for custom printed boxes or custom printed packing, whilst reducing the environmental impact your product packaging has, then you have found the right place!  With so many consumers now aware of their environmental responsibilities, they actively seek-out products and goods that conform to reducing their carbon footprint; so packaging that can be recycled, reused or repurposed will be a great selling point to promote your product.

We create a wide range of custom printed boxes and quality sustainable packaging for all kinds of products and markets. And not just boxes; 3D bespoke display items, luxury gift boxes, POS for retail and promotions with sustainable approach to design and materials. We can also provide additional services to support your project and even help with product sourcing if needed. Get in touch and speak to one of our team to see how we can help with packaging designs and much more..

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  • In House Box Making
  • Sustainable Options
  • Product Sourcing
  • Project management
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  • High quality
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