Sustainable Printing

Sustainable Print

As the name suggests, the company has been involved in sustainable print since its inception in 1993. Unlike others, who have only recently started to think sustainably, we have a vast amount of knowledge about the issues with regards sustainability in the print sector and, because of this knowledge and experience, can deliver real business benefits to customers.

Our 'Price Match Guarantee'

We don’t believe that you should pay more for the highest sustainable standard in print. To ensure you achieve this we offer our unrivalled ‘Price Match Guarantee’ giving you the best of both worlds. Don’t settle for anything less.

We have continually reinvested in new technologies and sustainable printing processes. As a result we have developed an award winning environmental design and print service. These services have been recognised three times in the National PrintWeek Environmental Printer Awards. In 2008 Greenhouse were awarded ‘Business of the Year’ by the British Association for Print and Communication (BAPC) for our innovative and successful approach to sustainability.

We regularly give talks to business groups about sustainable issues for businesses, sustainable communications and the benefits of procuring sustainable print.

Environmental initiatives

Our environmental initiatives include:

  • The significant reduction of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) emissions through the almost complete eradication of IPA (Industrial Alcohol) on our presses
  • The significant reduction of VOC emissions through the use of vegetable oil based inks and non VOC washes
  • The total elimination of hazardous waste emissions in our print process as verified by HAZRED
  • The generation of our own energy through the installation of PV Solar Panels in 2005
  • The reduction in energy demand through the installation of both PIR and segmented lighting systems and a ‘Switch off’ policy
  • The recycling of nearly all waste from our litho print processes
  • Achieving ISO14001 Accreditation
  • The introduction of our unique carbon calculator in 2009 giving carbon values for a range of printed items.
  • The significant reduction in waste by the implementation of our bespoke MIS, which monitors production efficiencies through investment in CIP3 Ink Profiling and the investment in Horizon and Morgana equipment to significantly reduce set-up waste in the finishing process.
  • Liaison with existing customers to reduce/eliminate the use of packaging