The Power Of Outdoor Banners For Effective Advertising

Even now, in this age of digital marketing and online advertising, some of the more ‘traditional’ marketing methods utilised for corporate advertising campaigns, are still a popular choice and effectively used by companies to attract their audience’s attention and create brand awareness – large format print is one way to create strong visual impact and a well-designed, printed outdoor banner can attract attention in many settings and environments. Outdoor banners are a proven marketing tool that will draw attention to your brand, products, and services, and when strategically designed and positioned, they are the perfect advertising vehicle to garner attention in many different environments and locations – here are some examples of outdoor banner types available for your company to take advantage of:

Outdoor Frame Banners

Custom printed outdoor banners are great vehicles for highlighting specific events or deals. Economical to design and print, they can be strategically placed outside your business premises or other nearby relevant vantage points to target your potential customers. They are available in a range of materials that are suitable to withstand all the many challenging weather elements in any location. Outdoor banners are easy to install and remove when necessary, making them ideal for short, limited marketing campaigns, or equally for all-year-round advertising!

Printed Hemmed Banners 

The most commonly-used high quality custom printed hemmed outdoor banners – a tried and tested, effective marketing tool, companies use to advertise events, products, and their brand in the most visually striking way. Their versatility makes them widely effective – as they are durable and tear-resistant and can be installed indoors or outdoors being equally effective in all settings for promoting your company branding.

Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are another popular choice for outdoor advertising locations – they are durable and hardy and can withstand all weather conditions. They are also light and therefore easily portable, and are often used for extra-large signage. The mesh material allows wind to pass through the sign without ‘billowing’ or acting as a sail as such, making them very effective in locations such as storefronts and construction sites and can even be used to cover an entire building!

Pole Banners

Otherwise known as boulevard banners, pole banners are vinyl banners fixed to sturdy poles and are ideal for outdoor use in promoting events such as festivals and concerts. You will often also see them effectively deployed in locations such as shopping centres, retail parks, and outside buildings such as hotels and theatres.

Cost Effective Advertising  

Printed outdoor banners are a perfect investment for a smaller business or a company with a limited marketing budget, with a one off cost outdoor banners can be repeatedly used in different locations. The main aim of any advertising initiative is to draw attention to your brand and products – outdoor banners deliver this goal with great visual impact. Outdoor banner printing provides access to many potential customers and reinforces your company brand wherever they are displayed in any environment, making it a highly effective and affordable form of marketing!

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