How To Put Together A Sustainable Exhibition Stand

Traditionally, the exhibition industry is not renowned for sustainability or being an eco-friendly business – many of the materials typically used were not recyclable and the use of single-use plastics was prevalent. However, thankfully things are changing and now there are many more environmentally friendly options available for designing and constructing exhibition stands – here are some ways your business could produce a more sustainable exhibition stand and display without compromising your business aims and objectives at these events:

Choose An Exhibition Stand System

The main consideration in designing and building a sustainable exhibition stand is to eliminate as many single-use products or materials as possible – if you are designing a stand to be used at multiple events then consider using a modular stand system that can be dismantled and reused at future events or if you are having a custom-built stand for a one off event consider at the design stage how this could be repurposed for other events or even if the elements could be used in your office.

Recycle Stand Media 

Many custom exhibition stands are designed for single use – perhaps a major product launch or an event where a specific custom-designed stand is required. Whilst the stand may be a ‘one-off’, this does not prevent the individual elements from being redeployed for future events, or repurposed for other display uses within your organisation.  Many modular or shell scheme exhibition stands can be reused or recycled in a sustainable manner – for example fitted with new graphics. Discuss with your designer the options of using eco boards or recycled aluminium composites as well as non-PVC vinyl’s rather than traditional materials that are not eco friendly, easily recycled or reused.

Carpets and Flooring 

Whereas polyester carpets or similar coverings may have been popular in the past for the floor of your exhibition stand, consider sustainable alternatives. If using any ‘raised flooring’ or platforms on your stand, think about renting a modular system that can be broken-down and easily transported and can be reused elsewhere for future events.


Many exhibition stands will use a large amount of timber in their construction, perhaps on the flooring and any furniture items employed on the stand. Ensure that the timber used is from an approved chain custody supplier and is from renewable sources.

Another common material used in different components of an exhibition stand is plastic – if you are to use plastics in any element of your construction then try to ensure that it is not single-use, and look for alternatives that are more easily recycled, or re-useable such as bamboo or metal cups, reusable water containers rather than plastic bottles and cups and – eliminate single-use plastics wherever possible as most event venues now will ask you to.

Marketing Products 

Every exhibition stand will have marketing materials to distribute to potential customers and visitors to the stand at the event – items such as branded pens, bags and memory sticks are typical examples. Instead of the traditional plastics you can provide these items made from sustainable and/or recycled materials  – using more eco-friendly products can add an interesting story to you PR and marketing messaging.

Sustainable Printing 

You will often see corporate exhibition stands laden with paper marketing materials – product brochures, flyers, and business cards – which are an important part of  an exhibition marketing strategy – meeting people face to face and to be able to hand something memorable to your customer for them to take away that reflects your business –  and it is achievable that you can provide your audience with quality, well thought through collateral that is sustainable and eco-friendly.


Exhibition stands will often be spectacularly lit and brightly displayed to attract attention to their products and services – ensure that any lighting or other electrically-powered aspects of the stand are energy efficient – use low energy bulbs and switch off any appliance when not in use.

Reuse and Recycle 

When the exhibition event is over, try to retain and reuse whatever materials you can, and recycle as many of the left-over materials as possible and if your stand was designed from the outset with sustainability in mind this should be a straightforward exercise.

Greenhouse Graphics

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