Which Banners And Displays Are Best For Outdoor Events

Many businesses attend outdoor corporate events throughout the year, taking promotional stands to business fairs, events, exhibitions, festivals, and markets – it is a great way to get exposure for your business to a wide range of people you might usually not have access to. One of the most important aspects to get right with your display is the event signage materials – when at the event you want your business to stand out amongst the other companies also advertising at the event – good quality event signage will help increase your brand awareness, promote your products and services, attract new interest, and generate new leads for your business. Here are some ideas for consideration for effective event signage:


Signage that is well designed, bold and eye-catching is best for outdoor events – colourful graphics with an innovative design will create the best impact. Banners are a great signage option – they are visible even in the most crowded areas and can attract attention in the largest of events. Banners can be produced in many different sizes, shapes and styles and can be fully customised to effectively market your brand – working with your event organised to find the most effect and strategic positions they can be displayed in key locations or all around the entire event area, they will always be prominent and grab the attention of the event attendees. And with our PVC free material they can either be recycled after the event or reused with overlay stickers for future events – reducing  waste and impact on the environment.

Feather Flags 

Flags, like banners, are a great vehicle for attracting attention – they can be positioned at key locations at the venue or arranged in different formations with alternating designs to create more stand out and encourage interest in your business or brand. The fabric for our flags is recyclable and the stands can be reused so this is something to consider when ordering.

Table Covers 

All business events will feature different stands and booths – some events will offer tables with the stand area, and these can be effective as well as practical – customised table covers are an affordable marketing vehicle that are simple to set-up and can be used repeatedly at different events, or our innovative eco product, Greentex, that can stick to a supplied table cloth or table and then easily removed a the end of the event and stored for another day.

A-Board Signs 

Branded A-board signs are a popular advertising vehicle – often seen outside businesses on high streets or in retail centres, they are also ideal for outdoor events. Portable and lightweight they are easy to position, and therefore easy to relocate when required, highlighting offers, promotions, or key information you want to promote to potential customers about your products or brand in a visual way.


Lighting will brighten your display at an outdoor event and there is a large choice of styles and configurations – neon lights are a unique option that can create interest and can be created in custom letters or shapes to highlight your business.


Printed stickers are affordable, easy to use and can be customised to suit your requirements – a great option for advertising on your stand at an event; they can also be handed out as ‘freebies’ to those that visit your display.

Directional Signage 

Outdoor events offer many different areas and facilities to their visitors, and directional signage is key for people to successfully navigate around each event and its attractions. Whether it be in the form of printed arrows or worded instructions via printed boards, vinyl lettering or stickers, strategically placed, well designed, clear directional signage can ensure event attendees are guided directly to help the event run smoothly whilst increasing footfall and helping to market all businesses attending.

Event Tents 

Stands or booths for events can take on different forms – an inviting, professionally-designed, customised branded tent can be an effective marketing tool for exhibitors that will make your business stand out from neighbouring competitors, as well as presenting your company in a smart and professional and light. 

Sustainable Printing 

When planning signage for an outdoor event there are a number of aspects to consider – in today’s commercial world, we are becoming more aware, and more proactive on environmental issues and the impact we have on the environment. Many customers want to partner with companies that can help them with eco-friendly signage and employ sustainable printing practices and services. Greenhouse Graphics are one such print company – we provide sustainable banner printing services along with many other relevant printed products for outdoor signage in Hampshire and adjoining areas. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can help and advise in all aspects of printed signage and corporate printing requirements.

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