The Different Types Of External Signage

Every organisation has a variety of options to promote its brand and its services, and depending upon the nature of the business, and target marketplace, certain marketing ‘tools’ will be more effective than others. One popular, and cost-effective, method is outdoor or external signage – which can be any signage that is installed on the exterior of your business premises or other strategic outdoor location. These are few examples of external signage and their benefits to help explain the differences and which might be the best option for your requirements.

Site Identification Signage

Site signage is a popular type of external advertising – customised signs made from a wide range of materials and designs and installed outside of your premises or nearby, will attract the attention of any passing traffic or footfall in an impactful way, and create an interest in your business or its products and services, as well as promoting your presence and reinforcing your brand name and image.

Business Signage

Well-designed and relevantly-placed external signage will increase your brand’s visibility – and highlight your company name to visitors on your site. Good business signage will be a combination of corporate logos, with brand colours and typography that will enhance your premises, represent your business in a positive manner and encourage potential customers or clients to visit your premises and discover more about what your business offers them.

Vehicle Graphics Signage 

If your business operates a fleet of vehicles – or even just one car, vehicle signage can be extremely effective! You can choose to have your vehicles ‘fully wrapped’ with your company colours and branding, or simply have easily attached and detached decals displaying your company name, and contact details with a logo and appropriate wording or imagery. Whichever option you choose, your company name will be viewed by hundreds of people every day as your vehicle’s travel around an area – this form of external signage is extremely cost-effective in its returns for reinforcing your brand and attaining potential new business.

Flags And Banners

Very common forms of external signage are flags and banners – inexpensive to obtain, versatile and hardy, so good for all environments and weathers, flags and banners are ideal forms of signage. They can be displayed long-term in strategic placements attracting attention to your business daily or can be used for special promotional events or marketing campaigns your business may be running – they are colourful, eye-catching and will create an interest and act as a ‘lure’ to potential new customers for your business. They can be hung from flagpoles or draped on the exterior of your business premises or, alternatively, a line of teardrop flags can be used as a ‘continuous’ display creating an interest-inducing invitation to your business premises and being made from recyclable materials these are an eco-friendly option too.

Informational Signage 

As well as advertising your business brand and products, external signage is a great way to provide important information to customers, with directional signage a vital tool to help people navigate your premises or find their way around an event, indicating important facilities (restrooms, refreshment facilities and such) as well as prompting people to specific areas you may want them to attend. These signs can also inform visitors to your premises, of important health and safety issues and precautions.

Creatively designed and strategically placed, external signage that represents your brand effectively can attract potential new customers and increase sales, thereby helping your business steadily grow. Good external signage should be smart and durable and the materials should be designed for the environment they will be used, considerations such as being weather resistant and durable under trees for example. Custom designs using free-standing monolith and totems can create great visual impact and make an immediate impression and will help towards reinforcing your brand name, image, and presence.

Greenhouse Graphics provide an experienced creative and graphic solutions for all environments, with a time responsive and cost effective service, supported by an experienced installation team and full project management to ensure high visual impact results and seamless project delivery. In line with our sustainability policies, we aim to supply PVC Free products wherever possible. Please ask us about our PVC Free alternatives and our uniquely developed range of sustainable display materials we can offer.

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