Binding alternatives to saddle stitching

We often get asked about different methods of binding magazines and books using alternative methods than saddle stitching. Here are a few of the more common alternatives.

Perfect binding

Perfect binding puts all the pages or signatures together, roughens and flattens the edge and then a flexible adhesive attaches the paper cover to the spine. Paperback novels are one example of perfect binding.
Booklets, telephone directories, and some magazines use perfect binding methods. Compared to other binding methods, perfect binding is quite durable and has a low to medium cost. It can be used with publications that are several inches thick.

Burst binding

Burst binding is performed by removing a small slot from the spine of the text at folding stage, so no allowance needs to be made in the spine. The adhesive flows through the slot to give added strength to the book. It is most important that the slot removal operation is performed correctly and consistently during the folding stage.

PUR binding

PUR (polyurethane reactive) glue is the most durable binding glue available, offering design flexibility for any number of applications, including catalogues, instruction manuals and art books.
PUR adhesives differ from conventional EVA hot melts, once cured the adhesive’s higher molecular weight provides a tough, pliable bond that is resistant to temperature extremes.
PUR adhesive is impervious to temperature extremes. The page pull strength of a PUR-bound book is more than 2.5 times that of a standard perfect-bound book using EVA adhesive. Books bound with PUR adhesive simply will not fall apart, even under heavy usage in the most demanding conditions.

Thread sewing

Thread sewing (otherwise known as section sewing) we sew through the spine of each signature with a single thread thus enhancing the strength and quality of the book and enabling it to lay flat open. Typically section sewing is applied for books that require heavy usage for an extended period of time, such as: text books, catalogue & brochures, library books, and religious publications.

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