Eco friendly calendar printing for 2023

Despite the increasing use of digital calendars on phones and electronic devices, paper calendars are still an extremely desirable piece of print. They give you the satisfaction of turning from one month to the other, as well as crossing off the days that have already passed and highlighting special days to look forward to. They can reduce the amount of strain on your eyes that a screen creates and there are no unnecessary pop ups, alerts or notifications. It’s a classic and simple yet effective organisation tool, keeping you on track for what needs be done and when.  And with Greenhouse Graphics, we offer eco-friendly printing services to tailor to your needs.

Why calendar printing?

A branded calendar can be an important part of your marketing collateral. A corporate calendar is a great way to raise your business profile and keep you in people’s minds. It can be used in a multitude of ways, from showcasing products or services, as a charity fundraiser or as a simple promotional giveaway to customers. It can also be quite the cost-effective marketing tool; being a useful promotional product, your brand, product or service will have decent high exposure for the 12 months of its use. And with eco-friendly printing, it will be sure to create a lasting impression with current and potential customers, whilst promoting an eco message at the same time.

Everyone uses a calendar

Calendars are a great way to stay organised. And a paper calendar can be seen by many more people within the office environment. By choosing a well-designed calendar you can ensure it will be retained and displayed within offices, keeping your business at the forefront of people’s minds, increasing awareness and loyalty. Daily exposure is likely to make a lasting impression so make sure you have your brand logo, corporate message and any other relevant information visible for customers to see.

Environmental commitment

Nowadays, an increasing number of businesses are becoming more environmentally conscious and are striving to show their commitment to improving the current climate. Creating an eco-friendly calendar is a great way to boost your company’s image by including our eco-friendly printing logo to further demonstrate your commitment to the environment.

Great design to complement eco-friendly printing services

Eco-friendly printing doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on the design, far from it in fact! If you have a clear vision of how you want your calendar to look, we can help to ensure it works within the clean printing technology parameters. And with the wide range of papers and cards that are all FSC and recycled we can work with you to create something truly unique and eye catching that will stand out on any desk or wall.

Greenhouse Graphics – an eco-friendly calendar printing company printing responsibly since 1993

We are an award-winning eco-friendly printing company based in Hampshire UK, specialising in design, commercial printing, digital services and signage display systems. We can offer our expertise on eco-friendly printing services and are widely recognised for our sustainable printing to reduce the carbon footprint.

Our facility hosts a full suite of the latest clean printing technologies and award-winning sustainable innovations, which we continually review and update to offer the most sustainable and efficient choices for lithographic, large format and signage print solutions. Our continued commitment to sustainable development means you can be assured we offer the most cost effective and sustainable choices with outstanding results and quality.

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