Old tech that delivers marketing goals

We live in a digital age and marketers are falling over themselves to chase that cutting edge channel that will deliver them new audiences.
But in the rush, one can forget the simple old tech established channels that deliver results.
A great example of this is local community based magazines. These magazines allow the marketer on a small budget to target very specific geographical and socioeconomic groups with great precision in a flexible and affordable way. Often very well received in a community – certainly by the older generations – these magazines align perfectly with a well thought out segmentation, targeting and positioning plan.
Even better, combine them with new digital channels, using elements such as QR codes on the pages, and the marketer will be providing their customers or prospects with a broad experience that will appeal to a wide audience.
In my locality a site likeĀ www.fromthesmallestseed.co.uk, highlights how local community based magazines can be used by marketers targeting local areas in a cost effective and measurable way.

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