The printed piece that always delivers

As someone with a fair knowledge of the printing sector, I remember being approached at a networking event by an SME business owner who knew my background.

‘Look at this’ he said, and proudly delivered in front of my eyes his new box of business cards.
‘£5 for 100!!’ he beamed at me, delighted with the bargain that he had driven.

I looked at the cards and saw his home renovations business advertised prominently in full colour.

‘Well’ I said. ‘If I was a householder who had not met you, and you approached to renovate the most important investment (my house) I have, I would think this guy had his business cards done yesterday at a motorway service station and for all I know could have left the country next week. Am I going to let him near or into my house??’

His smile turned to a frown.

The lesson is:

Your business card does NOT really function as a vehicle for transferring contact details. You can do this with a pen and a sheet of paper or with a phone or a number of other means.

Your business card acts as a first point of engagement to engender interest and reinforce positive perceptions about who and what you are.

Many years ago at University I was told by my Sociology Lecturer that 80% of the impression you gain of another person is attained within the first 5 minutes of meeting – AND that perceptions once formed (whether right or wrong) are almost impossible (and, if possible, expensive in terms of time and money) to change.

Make the right impression first time – don’t be embarrassed by your business card. For business success, it could be the best printing investment in time and money you make.

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