The Top 5 Eco Friendly Print Products

With most businesses now making a concerted effort to reduce their carbon footprint and deal as much as possible in recycled and sustainable materials and products, there are now inexpensive options for many standard items that can help companies achieve their sustainable business practice goals. Here are a few of these eco-friendly printing products to consider:

Business Cards

Eco friendly business cards are becoming more common. They can look just as smart, high-end, and professional as the most expensive business cards made from traditional materials but can now be produced using recycled paper. These business cards are made from thick quality recycled paper material and are both sustainable and eco-friendly as well as being stylish enough to create a lasting impression on your client – but not on the environment!

Flyers Are Great Marketing Tools 

Many businesses use printed flyers as part of their marketing strategies and campaigns, and now eco-friendly printing can produce these important leaflets from fully recycled materials. Different techniques now allow for a totally chlorine-free bleaching process that produces an off-white paper with a natural, uncoated texture – ideal for flyers for any business – a real example of sustainability meeting quality and practicality. Other sustainable options for flyer printing include recycled products that produce natural white, uncoated paper that are made from 100% recyclable fibres. Along with a process that uses no dyes nor chemicals whatsoever and produces a flyer that is naturally brown which is ideal if your business is in organic products or you are looking for a more ‘rustic’ look for your promotions.

Roller Banners To Get Seen

Roller banners are used by many companies as part of their promotional ‘armoury’ – ideal at business fairs and conventions as well as for everyday promotions in a plethora of locations. They can now be produced using a totally PVC-free material that has a high-end, silky texture and printed with eco-ink that is environmentally friendly! These banners are often used repeatedly in a variety of locations so having an eco-friendly option is a positive addition to your business’ efforts with regards to sustainability and eco-awareness.    

Envelopes For Perfect Presentation

Another opportunity for businesses to contribute to efforts in more eco friendly practices is switching to, and making use of, recycled envelopes. These are made from collecting the pulp from old paper that is whitened in a natural, chlorine-free process to produce high-quality envelopes for your business. Both the envelope’s paper and window segments are biodegradable so sustaining the eco-friendly aspect beyond your own use of them – and they are available in all the regular envelope sizes and forms!

Paper Bags – Perfect Eco Carriers

For a long while now, businesses in all arenas – but especially retail – have been working towards a massive reduction in harmful plastics with plastic bags being the main challenge. There are now many options for using biodegradable paper bags as an alternative. They are recyclable, reliable, strong and are ideal for printing with company brands, logos, and messages. These bags are produced cheaply and available in many different sizes and colours and are easily customised to suit your business.  

Other Eco-Friendly Print Products

You can add to those already mentioned here, many other products that are now produced through sustainable printing services. These eco-friendly print products include reusable cups that are fully biodegradable, sticky notes for use around the office and for promotions, eco-friendly pens, and recyclable notebooks you can add to your business stationery options.

Making use of these alternative products will help your business make steps towards more sustainable business practices in the future.

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