What You Need To Know About Eco-Friendly Printing

Like in all aspects in life, the business world has become much more aware and conscious of the inherent threats to today’s lifestyles and environments because of ecological dangers and climate change. Companies worldwide are switching, wherever possible, to eco-friendly practices to reduce carbon footprints and to aid the environment. Switching to sustainable business practice is not always feasible, and certainly not easily achieved, but there are some business areas that can be positively influenced by conscious change. The printing industry has seen great advances in both process and materials that has created a much better environment for eco-friendly print production.  Here are some aspects of eco-friendly business printing to consider:

Eco Friendly Printing

The three main elements of the print industry – the technology, the print materials and the inks used – have all seen advances that allow the industry to produce the same, if not better, quality print products whilst also minimising the impact on our ecological environment. These technological advances significantly reduce business print costs in comparison to the established print practices, but have the important bonus of helping reduce waste, pollution, and energy consumption.

Advancements in Technology

The waterless printing process is one area that has benefitted from the different technological advances that will aid these sustainable practices. Traditional offset printing uses water to form non-images on the print which, in turn, produces volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other hazardous waste substances. Eco-friendly waterless printing uses a layer of silicon, as opposed to water, to repel the ink thus reducing print run time and waste, whilst also producing a more extensive colour range with enhanced image definition.

Eco-Friendly Inks

Eco-friendly printing now employs eco-inks that use organic ingredients, such as soy or vegetable, in their production resulting in a non-polluting alternative to the traditional petroleum or plastic base inks both of which contain toxic and hazardous compounds for the environment. Whilst the vegetable-based inks are eco-friendly but can prove a little less cost effective and a slightly reduced quality, the soy-based inks replicate the production quality of the petroleum-based inks but without the environmentally damaging toxic elements.

Changes in Materials Used

Many other print materials can now be produced in more eco-friendly processes producing print items that are recycled, sustainable and are 100% biodegradable. Paper products are now produced in recyclable fibres, whilst PVC-free materials use environmentally friendly polypropylene in other printed products resulting in, as an example, sustainable banner printing and pen production. Some green companies are using entirely new PLA-plastic made from plant fibres to produce vegetal pens – a product that is 80% biodegradable and compostable whilst also saving on production costs and energy consumption. 

Sustainable Printing

A sustainable printing company adhering to these eco-friendly printing practices will help in the reduction of many materials including reduced waste, amounts of inks and lessening demand for tree-cutting. A print company producing these eco-friendly print products will not only be helping aid the environment, but also improve their own business as these eco-practices often offer a positive reduction of overall print costs and produce better-quality printed products.  Eco-friendly printing improves your own brand image and reputation and yours will be seen as a positive and ethical company by other businesses looking to source their print requirements.

Greenhouse Graphics

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