Why Eco-Friendly Printing Services Are The Way Forward

As with many industries, the print industry is becoming more aware of, and committed to, the growing trend of their environmental and ecological responsibilities. Advanced printing processes are fast emerging leading to more UK based sustainable printing companies and eco-friendly printing services. Print companies are increasingly searching for solutions that will minimise their carbon emissions and reduce overall waste from the print processes. There are many benefits for a print company to adopt more environmentally friendly materials and processes – here are a few to consider:

Eco-Friendly Printing Services

Sustainable printing techniques will not only improve your business, but also the environment in general by reducing your corporate carbon footprint.

Improved Brand Image

Consumers are more aware than ever of environmental responsibilities in business and will now seek-out companies to provide their products and services that can demonstrate the same eco-responsibilities thorough utilising eco-friendly processes. Boosting your ‘green’ credentials by simple changes like adopting recycled paper for sustainable large format printing and other printed products will appeal to modern consumers and potential business partners and suppliers. Carbon balancing your print and paper will reduce your carbon impact whilst having a positive effect on your reputation as a sustainable print company thus enhancing your brand.

Measurable Practices

Adopting sustainable print practices that can be positively measured will help you calculate your overall carbon footprint which can allow you to become formally certificated as a sustainable printing company.

There are many opportunities within the print industry to make changes to produce more eco-friendly printing services – amongst these print aspects identified for positive change are:

  • Reduce Waste – Digital print systems used in the set-up process for printing, such as inkjet and electrophotography, can be reduced to produce shorter print runs.
  • Inks – Making use of bio-based solvent and water-based inks, including vegetable oil inks, will greatly improve the recyclable content of the process whilst also reducing emissions of harmful volatile organic compounds.
  • Paper and Substrates – A wider use of recycled fibre and virgin paper grades sourced from responsibly managed forests accredited to sustainable forestry schemes, will contribute to sustainable printing in the UK.
  • Packaging – A move away from existing plastic packaging to fibre-based alternatives will help any sustainable printing company to ‘retool’ their print lines to support eco-friendly printing services.
  • Print Process – Greater investment in print processes that minimise the use of raw materials, for example, reduced water consumption in the wash-off process, contribute to more sustainable printing overall.
  • Recycling – Advanced technology platforms enable the collection and reuse of many print materials in the consumer recycling streams.

Adopting sustainable print practices to produce your print products such as eco-friendly sign printing, eco-friendly exhibition graphics and other printed materials will establish you as a sustainable commercial printer with all the benefits and advantages that the reputation will bring.

Greenhouse Graphics

Established since 1993, Greenhouse Graphics are leaders in sustainable print. Our highly experienced and professional team, proudly deliver creative, effective, sustainable, high quality and fast turn around solutions for any requirement or size of project. So if you’re looking for graphic communication and print, want to improve your sustainability and reduce your print carbon footprint we can help! Contact us today  on 01256 880770 or email info@greenhousegraphics.co.uk.

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