GreenTex – a revolution for SME branding

GreenTex is a brand new exhibition and event wall covering products from greenhouse graphics.

The product is PVC free, in line with the company’s strong sustainability printing policy, and offers a number of tangible benefits for businesses and organisations that wish to develop a strong brand message. These benefits are:

GreenTex is easy to apply and doesn’t need a professional installation service.
GreenTex is tough and enduring
GreenTex is reusable
GreenTex leaves no residue on walls and is very easy to remove.
GreenTex is one of the most cost-effective ways of applying branded graphics to walls.

Whether you are planning an event, exhibiting, or wish to add impact to your foyer of offices, GreenTex is a remarkable product that will make an instant impact. GreenTex was used as an event branding tool for the 2013 Rugby Expo at Twickenham stadium

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