Ways To Make A Great Interpretation Board

When it comes to creating effective and useful interpretation boards you have to first give thought to where they are being positioned and why. The best interpretation boards come from a greater understanding of where they are being placed, who will be seeing them and the relationship between the two. A good interpretation board needs more than the right words and design, it needs to be in the right place and aimed at the right audience in order to achieve its goal. We’ve pulled together some helpful tips for creating interpretation boards below:

Give your board a clear purpose

Know what your board is trying to communicate to its audience and how that will impact the way visitors view and experience their surroundings. It might sound simple, but this will help guide how the board is developed and designed to ensure it is a useful piece of interpretation.

Give your board a clear message

Along with knowing the purpose of the board, it’s important to ensure the messaging is effective. Interpretation boards stop people in their tracks to read them, so what is on the board has to be worth reading. It has to give a reason for being there and provide information they might not otherwise have known about.

Give your board the correct location

There is no point providing the information on the board if it is situated in the wrong place! That will simply lead to people discarding the information. Give serious thought to the best positioning for each board, is it relevant, is it required, is it best placed?

Give your board great visuals

With a clear message and purpose, you want to ensure you use a number of images that also convey these things. From the mood and tone, to the audience and factual detail, images are key elements of any interpretation board to ensure it captures what you are trying to convey.

Ensure your board is warm and welcoming

Once you have agreed your purpose, message, position and visuals, give clear thought to your audience to ensure you are producing something that is inviting them in. This will help to structure the overall design of the board to ensure it’s conversing the right information to keep in their minds as they continue through the site.

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