How Signage Can Improve Healthcare Spaces

At some time, we all have to visit hospitals and healthcare settings, and the very nature of the buildings means this is not always the most positive or stress-free experience. Large hospitals can be intimidating and busy, and in some situations, can very often be difficult to navigate. Hospital signage is vital in these circumstances to ensure patients get to where they need to as quickly possible. There are many benefits to having well thought out, effective and clear signage in healthcare environments – often reducing patient anxiety, distract and comfort young or vulnerable people, as well as educate and inform staff, patients, and visitors in how to best negotiate their hospital visit.

Some examples of signage solutions that can improve any hospital environment and visitor experience:

Wayfinding Signage

Many hospitals are large, sprawling complexes often with separate buildings and hubs – wayfinding signage is a simple and effective tool to inform both patients, staff, and visitors of where they are, and how to navigate their way around the hospital. Examples of solutions for wayfinding signage include coloured coded floor markings, directional arrow graphics for walls and windows, and room titles/names and numbers. In all instances it is important to understand the needs and use of each location and consider any patient requirements.


Many hospital rooms, machines and devices can be quite a daunting sight, but these can be less intimidating by covering them with a wrap using creative graphics of calming images and even fun characters for children. This technique can ease anxiety for patients and their families, as well as distract attention; creating a less stressful environment for both hospital staff and patients to experience.

Digital Signage

Many healthcare facilities now utilise LED video walls and digital displays – which can display important information and are quick and easy to update. They are used to display information on estimated waiting times in waiting room areas, informing patients of available services and clinics, displaying directional maps and directions around the hospital and, in the event of an emergency, can alert patients and instruct them on what to do. There is also the opportunity for promoting local services as well as generating additional income for the trusts with appropriate and patient focused promotions.

Banners And Signs

Printed banners and signs can be used both indoors and outdoors – many hospital grounds are difficult to navigate, and certain areas will always need to be kept clear or access free. Printed banners can clearly highlight these restricted areas as well as providing helpful navigational information to car parks and different departments.

Display Stands

Retractable and portable display stands are often utilised in hospital buildings – they can be used to offer information on hospital activities, clinics, classes, practical advice or often fundraising activities and charitable organisations and opportunities. Weatherproof printed hanging banners can be used outside to display a myriad of information.

Literature Holders

Information for patients, visitors and staff is supplied in several formats, including printed leaflets, brochures, guides, and educational pamphlets designed for staff, patients, and visitors alike. These can be displayed in literature holders which are easily accessible for visitors to pick-up and take away for future reference, and can be wall-mounted or simply placed on reception desks and common areas with useful contact information whilst keeping areas clean and tidy.

Wall Graphics

In large, sprawling buildings, huge expanses of plain walls can sometimes make an area feel cold and unwelcoming. Printed wall and window graphics can brighten an area and make it create a morewarm and more comforting environment – printed graphics, vinyl lettering and creative imagery are relatively quick to install giving an instant impact, and can be changed quickly and easily on a regular basis to keep providing interest and distraction for those occupying or passing through an area. Our eco-friendly display product GreenTexTM is perfect for this environment; it can be installed with an antibacterial coating and removed without leaving any residue.

Vehicle Wraps

Even outside of the hospital buildings and grounds, signage can be of benefit in the healthcare sector. Vehicle wraps can act as mobile hoardings or billboards for the hospital services – vinyl vehicle wraps are easy to apply and can be updated or replaced cost effectively and easily.

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