Why Choose A Sustainable Packaging Designer?

The print industry in recent years has made giant strides in becoming much more sustainable with modern print processes, new technology and machinery, and switching to environmentally friendly materials in the substrates used, inks and papers. All aspects of the industry have been considered, including switching to the use of sustainable packaging materials – here are some considerations and benefits for businesses to change to more sustainable packaging:

Reduced Carbon Footprint

A big consideration for companies in all business arenas and society in general – reducing your carbon footprint wherever possible! Public awareness plays a great part in products and brands success, and with so many consumers aware of their environmental responsibilities, they actively seek-out products and goods that conform to reducing carbon footprint. It is not that long ago that anybody leaving a supermarket would be laden with single use plastic bags but that is an ever-decreasing scenario now as the public’s awareness of the environmentally harmful legacy of the plastic industry and products has risen. Switching to green-based packaging will help demonstrate your brand’s corporate responsibility and at the same time make your products more attractive in the marketplace – things like cutting down on the overall amount of packaging you use, and switching to more sustainable packaging materials will have a positive effect on both your business and the environment.

Reduce Packaging Size

Switching to greener sustainable packaging will mean exploring and implementing more creative and efficient packaging practices – this inevitably leads to saving on materials and transportation costs and helps to become a more environmentally sustainable business reducing your carbon footprint.

Biodegradable and Plastic Free

Biodegradable packing materials and plastic free alternatives are becoming more readily available with new and exciting products joining the market all the time, raw materials such as hemp and seaweed are replacing traditional plastic based products or look for recycled content such as coffee cups and plastic bottles which are available now so you can avoid materials that are harmful to the environment, like plastics and non-renewable products.

Reduced Resources

Finding an environmentally friendly packaging supplier will mean a reduction in the amount of energy required to produce the packaging itself and package a product, which gives your product the added advantage of less electricity and water being required in the production process – this also reduces solid waste and emissions and means you can promote then benefits of your product as more eco- friendly to your market.

Increased Sales

Aside from the environmental responsibility of the industry and the individual companies, there are financial gains in switching to sustainable packaging – the public and corporate perception of your brand is greatly enhanced and therefore has a positive effect in expanding your market appeal and brand presence. Your product sales can increase as a result of a growing popularity of your brand owing to your recognised eco-friendly practices and responsibilities.

Less Overheads

Another bottom-line benefit to your business is achieved in that sustainable and eco-friendly products are packaged in more lightweight materials thereby reducing potential shipping costs as well as providing your customers with packaging materials that are easier to handle and recycle.

Thinking outside the box

Well thought out packaging design will contribute to the end result being more sustainable. Creative thinking can optimise your designs to incorporate sustainable materials, whilst minimising waste and maximising the amount of material used; using efficiently designed layouts can reduce the amount of blank space meaning less waste and less cost; look to design packaging that can be recycled, reused or repurposed this will be a great selling point to promote your product.

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