Planning an eco-friendly exhibition stand

When it comes to sustainability, the exhibition industry is lacking somewhat. From single-use materials, to the waste left after every show, not to mention the large carbon footprint from travelling miles to an event with a truck load of stuff! As we move forward, there are better ways to plan for an eco-friendlier and more sustainable exhibition stand. We’ve pulled together our top ways to make exhibiting better for the environment.

Choose a sustainable exhibition stand

The best thing you can do is to eliminate single-use products. And your exhibition stand shouldn’t be any different. By choosing a reusable modular stand system, you are opting for a stand that can be used on multiple occasions. It can be reconfigured and broken down easily for you to mix things up at different trade shows, meaning that it can be used again and again, and owing to its nature it can look different every time too, if needed. These types of stands are also available for hire, so if you only plan to go to a single event, your stand doesn’t have to be used just once – you can hire from a company and get exactly what you want, with the option to return for them to re-use at a later date with little trouble.

Choose eco-friendly materials

In order to be successful at any exhibition, you will require impactful graphics to boost your brand and promote your product and/or services. But, why not opt for biodegradable banner printing or non-PVC eco-friendly signage, to avoid the use of non-recyclable PVC and foam boards. Nowadays, there is a wide range of eco-friendly substitutes that look great, and we have a number of innovative and award winning options as part of our sustainable range of display materials, such as GreenTex™ and GreenWall™. Its a great talking point for your visitors and if you can reduce your carbon footprint as well as produce a creative and eye catching stand whats not to like.

Consider other materials that are used in building your stand, including flooring to ensure you are opting for the most sustainable option, whether that is modular carpet or recycled and renewable timber.

Go Digital

Reduce the need for printed materials further by opting for a more digital approach. Scale back on brochures and catalogues and consider a flyer or business card with a QR code to navigate to promotional webpages. And consider using technology to promote your items too, with some video to showcase products rather than carting loads of products back and forth.

Choose sustainable promotional products

Promotional giveaways are the bread and butter of any exhibition, but that doesn’t mean it should come at a cost to the environment. Think carefully about the products you are handing out and ensure they are either useful products that will be used and therefore reduce the carbon footprint, or that they are recyclable.

Consider your lighting and electricity carefully

Check your lighting is energy efficient, ensuring bulbs are low energy. Ensure any electronic devices are turned off when not in use. And you can even check with the exhibition space to see where their energy comes from renewable sources. Many are now changing to greener electricity providers and you can encourage this with an enquiry.

Check your inventory

After an exhibition, it’s worth checking through all the items used and what you have left. Make sure you reuse and recycle as much material as possible. Keep a checklist of what is left over including gifts and refreshments to plan exactly how these might be used at future events. Where possible, try not to throw anything away.

Greenhouse Graphics – printing responsibly since 1993

Planning an eco-friendly exhibition stand is no easy feat. If you have an exhibition to attend or are looking for ways to make your current stand more sustainable, consider Greenhouse Graphics for your next project. We are an award winning, sustainable graphic communications company based in Hampshire, specialising in design, commercial printing, digital services and signage display systems. Widely recognised for our sustainable printing to reduce the carbon footprint, we can offer our expertise on eco-friendly exhibition graphics, eco-friendly signage and biodegradable banner printing,

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